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Full Cosmetically Designed Dentures

Full dentures are used to replace all the teeth in the upper, lower or both gum lines. They will restore your cosmetic appearance and allow you to eat normally. We specialise in providing natural cosmetically designed dentures, both conventional and immediate.

It will take approximately 5 visits to complete your dentures.

The first two visits are for taking impressions. The first (or primary) impression is used to design a special tray. The second impression uses this special tray to provide an extremely accurate impression to make a denture perfect for your mouth!

At the third visit, your bite is taken. We will also select a tooth shade and mould, and discuss further about what you hope to achieve in regards to appearance and function. If you don’t want to look too different, we can duplicate the appearance of your previous denture as close as possible to how it previously looked. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your current dentures, we will provide you with a new smile to your desire. We will not make you look like a horse – a very common fear that people have.

At the fourth visit you will get to see your new teeth set in wax. At this stage we can change anything you would like. We will confer with you to ensure you are happy with the tooth colour, mould, position and look. You can even take the try-in home to have a look at your leisure, or get an opinion from a partner or friend. It may take an extra visit to achieve the result we both want. But we stress that we will not proceed to finish until you are 100% happy.

On your final visit, you will receive your new denture. Occlusion, fit and retention will all be checked thoroughly to ensure comfort. We will normally get you back in a week’s time to check you are happy and that everything is going well. Sometimes the dentures may need adjusting, which is all included.

We know no two mouths are the same and that making dentures is a very personal process. That’s why we take the time to ensure you are happy with the result. We will not proceed to the finished stage, until you are satisfied with the look and fit of your new dentures.

Immediate Dentures

With the conventional process, a denture is made after the teeth are removed, and the bone and gums have healed. This means you would have to go several months without any teeth. Alternatively, immediate dentures can be made prior to your teeth being removed and are designed to be positioned immediately after removal. This means that you won’t be without teeth during the healing period.

Immediate dentures are made by taking impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still present. The models of your mouth are then used to simulate the teeth extractions to place the denture teeth in your natural position or as you desire. Once your teeth are removed by your dentist, the immediate dentures are inserted immediately.

Immediate dentures will require what we call Visco-Gel, or temporary relines, until healing has taken place (approximately 6 to 12 months post-extractions). The denture will then require a permanent reline or an entirely new denture may need to be made, due to changes in your bones and gums. We will thoroughly explain the procedure and walk you through what you can expect to happen.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures provide replacement for some missing teeth in either the upper, lower or both gum lines. This not only restores your cosmetic appearance but also significantly improves your ability to chew and eat normally. The presence of a partial denture will aid in retaining the space left behind by the missing teeth, and your remaining teeth will have less wear and tear due to even spreading of grinding when eating.

Types of partial dentures:

Acrylic Partials

Acrylic partial dentures are a low cost and easy to repair option that can restore your cosmetic appearance and improve your ability to eat.

Cobalt Cast Metal Partials

Cobalt cast metal partial dentures provide a thinner and smaller option with exceptional strength and stability. The rigid frame provides excellent support for your remaining teeth and transfers biting forces to your teeth, rather than your gums.

Flexible Partials

Flexible partial dentures can be used for certain cases, if suitable. These dentures have clear clasping and are more comfortable for some people.

Implant Retained Overdentures

Due to bone resorption shrinking the ridge, many people over time will experience loose fitting dentures. This is especially problematic for those with full lower dentures, as the ridge will be unable to hold the denture in place. To remedy that, implants can be placed by a dental surgeon and we can provide a denture to fit over the implants.

Implant retained overdentures are aesthetically pleasing dentures that are exceptionally stable, and can aid in greatly reducing tissue irritation and bone loss. Furthermore, being anchored by the implants, the denture will provide you with increased chewing forces to significantly improve your ability to eat. If you are interested in implant retained overdentures, we can go through all stages at your first consultation.


No matter what sport you participate in, a mouthguard is a must. A properly fitted professionally made mouthguard provides maximum protection reducing chances of tooth damage.

There are varying qualities of mouthguard materials. We use Pro-Form mouthguard laminated material providing added comfort and exceptional strength. Pro-Form material is regarded as one of, if not the best available. You can have any colour or combination of colours that are available at no extra cost.

Generally, we can have your mouthguard made in 3 days after taking the impression and, in special circumstances, even quicker!

Denture Repairs, Additions, Relines & Soft Liners


Most dentures can be repaired if broken, even if it is in a number of pieces. The most important part is to retain all pieces and bring them in with you to our clinic. If sections are missing, the denture can still be repaired but it will a require an impression.

We do all repairs promptly and can assist in emergency cases, where repairs can be done very rapidly.

Do not attempt to superglue your denture. If you do, it may require added impressions that add to the repair costs.  


Teeth can be added to acrylic and metal dentures, as needed. We can do this to any denture on the same day. If you arrange it with your dentist, we can add the tooth to your denture before you have the tooth extracted. If you have the impression taken in the morning, the tooth can be added the same day.


If your current dentures have come loose but you are happy with the appearance and they are not overly worn, it may be possible to reline them. This involves taking an impression and then adding a layer under the denture. Once relined, they will fit like a new denture but the rest of your denture will remain the same. We can normally do relines on the same day so you are not without your dentures for more than a few hours.

Soft Liners

For people who consistently suffer from soreness on the lower gum, it is possible to line the lower denture with a soft liner. This can aid with reducing soreness and give comfort, especially for elderly people who can have a very sensitive mucosa.


Denture Adjustments and Cleaning


If your dentures are uncomfortable or causing pain, it is imperative that you see us. It can be an indication that you need to a denture reline or a new denture. Sometimes it may just require easing the denture, which we can do immediately. It is best to make an appointment so it can be assessed.


Dentures can get a build-up of tartar and staining. Just like you go to the dentist for a scale and clean of your natural teeth, we can offer the same service for your dentures. We will require you dentures for approximately 2 hours during which we will remove the tartar and most staining.